Penetrating deck sealers and deck stains simply recolor the splinters on your wood deck! End the annual deck maintenance by restoring  your wood deck with Composite Deck Coating.
Coating that we use is a durable deck coating that repairs decks and wood docks, filling in cracks, locking down splinters, and leaving behind a safe, skid-resistant surface. Wood decks and wood docks that have been restored can continue to stay in service for years, saving thousands of dollars over the cost of replacement. So why replace your wood deck when you can restore your wood deck it at a fraction of the cost?
  • Appy today, Enjoy tonight
  • Infinte color possibities
  • Lasts for years
  • Great for commerical or residential applications
  • Safe, skid-resistant
  • Locks down splinters and fills in cracks
  • Fire, Stain, and Scratch resistant.
  • Encapsulates harmful wood preservatives.
  • Made with an environmentally responsible chemistry.

Deck Protection

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    Cast Iron



Fiberglass Shower Units

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Kitchen Cabinets

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