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Bath & Kitchen Refinishing is the best kept secret in the Home Improvement industry.  It has everything that makes for a successful business:

1.   It is in high demand.  (People want your services)

2.   It saves the customer money (70% savings over replacement.)

3.   Good profit margins.

4.   Top earnings

5.   Can be done full or part time.

6.   Several markets:

Bathtub Refinishing Training

Bath & Kitchen Refinishing is in high demand. This line of work could be done full or part-time. Save the customer money up to 70% over replacement. Earn up to $100 an hour and have several markets to pick from (residential, commercial, and antique).

Complete flexibility of time. (You control your hours)

This is a great offer, instructors are very experienced:

1.   Each class will be on the job and fix location training  We are the only true "hands-on" training school. 

2.   Our Marketing Training includes trade secrets to enable you to get a jump start in your business.

3.   We offer advertising assistance in the form of brochures, ad advice, website building, and even referrals.

4.   You will receive a certificate of completion as a trained professional.

5.   Free transportation from your accommodations to the training center.  This is based upon you staying in a recommended hotel close to training.

6.   Free Q&A Just a call away.

7.   Our course of study is thorough:


To give you an example of our process for refinishing, look at what takes place in the restoration of an antique clawfoot bathtub.  After sandblasting the outside of the tub and the feet, we then prime and topcoat to the customer's color choice.  The porcelain is then carefully cleaned with several cleaners.  Missing porcelain is repaired.  The tub is then chemically etched to create a strong bond with the coating.  Two primer coats follow, along with three coats of our high gloss durable coating.  The result is a beautifully restored classic antique clawfoot bathtub.


Surfaces we reglaze 



    Cast Iron



Fiberglass Shower

Sink Basins

Ceramic Tile Showers





Kitchen Cabinets

Crack Repairs

Chip Repair

Patio Decks

Concrete Coating

In Ground Pool Steps